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Creating a new generation of young techpreneurs.

Startup Gladstone Inc. (STUG) is a non-for-profit organisation thatsupports startups, future entrepreneurs and existing businesses within the Gladstone Region through “value creation”.

Our current key program - the EarlyPreneur Program (EPP) encompasses STEM subjects and Digital Technology (DT) and empowers primary school students with the thinking skills and opportunities to become entrepreneurs themselves.  The program does this through ensuring the creation of goods that have worth, utilise sustainability while also being eco-friendly and energy efficient.  While the project concentrates on honing and growing those specific DT skills, it is aimed at primary school students who reside within the Gladstone region.  By offering talented students the chance to be engaged in projects that can help them develop abilities that are not rampant in this region they, and the future of the region, are given a chance at growth and technological advancement. Projects that are aligned with real-life situations and community necessities also gives students a chance to better equip themselves with the expertise and adaptability. As a result,  Junior Innov8ors found a place in learning.

A pilot workshop was held during the winter break over two days - 4 and 5 July 2022. The workshop capitalises on the lessons learned from the EarlyPreneur Program while encompassing STEM and entrepreneurial skills. 
The pilot workshop reached 11 students from Years 4 to 6 with the intended establishment of a weekly after school club. The brief was centred around designing and building an All-Terrain Wheelchair while incorporating Tinkercad software. The program was facilitated by Mathew Williams assisted by Cathy Long. The end product had to meet organisational requirements and be incorporated in Tinkercad. The students had to also design the terrain their products would be used on. Eleven new Tinkercad students participated creating 10 different products that were designed in Tinkercad, built in Lego and pitched to the judges. There were three winners and one participation award. Darren Jeacocke of Queensland Aerial, Francisco Lloreda and Dinesh Palipana OAM sat on the judging panel.

Wheelchair 3
Wheelchair 5
wheelchair 4
Wheelchair 2
Wheelchair 1
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