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EPP’s Key roles:

  • Startup Gladstone Inc. – “The Link” (or the vision-maker/connector).

  • Ambrose State School – “The Incubator” (concepts are trialed)..

  • APLNG Conoco Phillips, Here For Gladstone and BOQ – “The Strategic Partners”.

Key Elements of Success:

  1. Leadership (from the Principal).

  2. Visibility (sponsors acknowledgement through social media).

  3. Inclusiveness (all-students approach).

  4. Reporting (participation, capacity and socio-economic-educational outcomes)/fortnightly teleconferences.

  5. Partnerships (Industry, NFP and Schools).



  • Increased entrepreneurial and digital capacity building within the student population.

  • Improved feedback from Education Queensland’s auditors (2018 and 2019).

  • A more connected P&C cohort with school activities.

  • A locally made, ongoing capacity building and developmental Program that can be tailored to each school’s specific needs.

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