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Corporate direction

About Startup Gladstone

  • A non-for-profit organization and a social enterprise which has been established in the Gladstone Region with the main purpose of empowering people to grow successful business through the implementation of innovation and technology-based initiatives.



Value Proposition

  • Plan, collaborate, facilitate and deliver technology and innovation-based programs and initiatives that empower people to have successful businesses.



  • At various community consultation gatherings held at the Gladstone Region, socio-economic diversification has been identified as a key subject of regional long-term sustainability. Evidence of this could be found in some strategic documents such as Vision 2028, Vision 2035 and Gladstone Region Economic Development, among others.

  • While Gladstone Region has furthered diversified its industrial “content” with the addition of the LNG industry, it is believed a community-driven movement (‘ground-up’) that capitalizes on existing business sector strengths and reduces duplication is required to foster, nurture and support the new breed of ‘digital entrepreneurs’ in a sustainable manner. This is the essence of the Startup Ecosystem.


Other considerations as to “why” include:

  • Digital Economies will represent to Australia’s GDP between 140 and 250 Billion by 2025.

  • Global movement supporting a new “breed of entrepreneurs” based on digital economy.

  • Disconnection between established professional networks and startups within the Gladstone Region (Boom Bust Recharge, 2018).

  • Great opportunity in the GR to strengthen the “Ecosystem of entrepreneurs”



Corporate Structure

  1. STUG members.

  2. Corporate Board – President, Treasurer, Secretary and 5 Executive members (elected on annual basis in august).

  3. Project facilitators and volunteers.

  4. Project-based subcontractors.

Strategic Direction


We empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through technology and innovation.



  • To become a one-stop shop for enterprise education programs within CQ by focusing on a holistic development and growth through the delivery of relevant strategies, programs and initiatives on each targeted niche of market.


Strategic objectives

  1. To assist the development of Gladstone Region Startup Ecosystem.

  2. To implement a Pipeline of young Entrepreneurs within the Gladstone Region.

  3. To foster a portfolio of collaborative relationships with other regional Ecosystems.

  4. To deliver and facilitate a range of technology and innovation-based events and programs.


Corporate drivers

  • Engage

  • Develop

  • Support

  • Network

  • Collaborate

  • Reward

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