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What is GRICTN?

  • GRICTN stands for the Gladstone Region ICT Network. Startup Gladstone Inc. currently facilitates this network. The network meets on a bi-monthly basis.

  • The network gather Corporate, ICT practitioners, Education service providers and ICT incumbents to build ICT capacity across the Gladstone Region.

Purpose (‘The Why’) of GRICTN:

  1. Understand more about NBN and the Digital Economy.

  2. Establish ICT connections in the broader community.

  3. Identify opportunities of digital training that could support youth digital capacity.

  4. Connect to other related networks STEM Hub and Startups.

  5. Increase ICT networking and collaboration opportunities.

  6. Improve resources sharing (What’s available, who’s doing what and what could be possible).

  7. Develop a collective ‘digital voice’ before the three tiers of the government.

  8. Recognize ways of stimulating the local economy (for example increasing the understanding of digital capacity by SMEs).

  9. Capitalise on commercial opportunities for existing/new ICT businesses within the GR.

  10. Improve collective digital capacity and capabilities.

  11. Share common issues and challenges but also successes.

  12. Find local ICT talent (traineeships/apprenticeship).

  13. Provide input feedback to the prospective GR Digital Economy (Council-Led).

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